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"Mastery demands all of a person. Toscanini demonstrated this in every manifestation of his life." - Einstein

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                          ositive Intelligence

Step 1.  Watch the 18 Minute breakthrough Video of Dr. Chamine's TedTalk about Positive Intelligence at Stanford University (below):

Step 2.  Complete the Free 10 Minute Positive Intelligence Assessment and read the results:

Step 3.  Schedule a complimentary 50 minute appointment to discuss the results with me by clicking on this link: https://calendly.com/drcoach/60

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“Key relationships can be developed and strengthened only when leaders possess the competence and caring to interact effectively and respectfully with others. I know of no one who understands this better than Terry Anderson.” 
                                                            Jim Kouzes, Co-Author of, The Leadership Challenge

Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC)

Terry D. Anderson, PhD
Terry D. Anderson, PhD

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